Thank you for downloading the Starweb Analyzer 1.5.

Installation Instructions for Flying Moose Technologies Starweb Analyzer Program (SWAP)

1.     Download the Starweb Analyzer 1.5 compressed folder.

2.     Open your default download folder and double click on the file named 
The window that opens should contain the Flying Moose Technologies folder.

3.     You will need to move it to the proper program area in Windows.

a.     You will need to open your root Windows(C:) drive. It is easily found by double clicking on My PC icon on the desktop and then double clicking the C: drive.

b.     The destination folder will be where most apps reside in either the 'Program Files' or the 'Program Files (x86)'. If you have the x86 folder I recommend double clicking this one to open it.

c.     Now you should move the Flying Moose Technologies folder into the 'Program Files (x86) folder.

4.     Double click the Flying Moose Technologies folder to open it. Then double click and open the Starweb Analyzer V1.5 folder.  The file to double click to activate the program is swmain.exe. 

5.     For easier use in the future you can right click the file and choose to pin the program to Start or the taskbar or create a shortcut that you can move to the desktop.

6.     For first time users the program will open into an Evaluation version that will allow you to process up to Turn 6 for 2 players. If you decide to purchase the program we will provide a registration number that will unlock the program for full use.

7.     For returning customers who are moving the software to a new computer you can bring all your old game profiles and information over.  On your old machine you must activate SWAP's profile manager and export your profile. It will be a file called You must put onto the new computer. In your new installation click on profmgr.exe and choose to import from

Remember, if you want to view these other games you will also have to bring over the game turns from your old computer.