StarCon Analyzer Download

For those of you who agree to Beta test, this site is where you can come to download and get the latest news and tips.

We ask that you submit bug reports and feature requests. 

Bug & Feature requests to our Bugzilla bug tracking system.

In addition Strategy Guild has graciously given us a message board in the members section of their website for a lively discussion of the StarCon Analyzer.

The StarCon Analyzer will look familiar if you have used the Starweb Analyzer before.  If you are new to Flying Moose Technologies' Analyzer products you are welcome to try it but be warned that the StarCon Analyzer is not equipped with help files nor is email tech support by our support person offered.  Our guy nicknamed 24-hour tech support will give advice on a best can do basis with no guarantees. If you are keen to use it you will find that it presently works very similarly to Starweb Analyzer V1.5. You can download the evaluation version and use it and it's help files. It is being called an beta because many of the very advanced functions of Starweb Analyzer 1.5 are not yet included (like the Perimeter alert, Order Checking, etc...). But it is quite functional and will cut down the time you'll spend preparing turns. 

You will need the
Microsoft .NET Framework Version 1.1 or higher.  It is recommended that all users go to Microsoft Windows Update to install the .NET Framework.

Please visit this page regularly for updates.  Each Beta driver is time limited.  Only report bugs or request features if you have first verified that you have the most up-to-date driver.

In addition Strategy Guild has provided a message board in the members section of their website for a discussion of the StarGame Analyzer.

Change History

1/17/2010 V1.9.0082

  • Updated expiry date

10/12/2009 V1.9.0081

  • Updated expiry date

07/09/2009 V1.9.0080

  • Updated expiry date

04/04/2009 V1.9.0079

  • Updated expiry date

12/30/2008 V1.9.0078

  • Updated expiry date

9/24/2008 V1.9.0076

  • Updated expiry date

6/21/2008 V1.9.0075

  • Updated expiry date

4/11/2008 V1.9.0074

  • Changed the New World information dialog to accept multiple worlds at the same time.  The worlds can be separated by a comma or a space.

3/19/2008 V1.9.0073

  • Updated expiry date
  • Fixed crash on Vista when loading duplicate data from registry

3/14/2008 V1.9.0072

  • Updated expiry date (oos! Version 71 was bad :( )

3/13/2008 V1.9.0071

  • Updated expiry date

12/9/2007 V1.9.0070

  • Updated expiry date

9/5/2007 V1.9.0069

  • Updated expiry date

5/31/2007 V1.9.0068

  • Updated expiry date

2/23/2007 V1.9.0067

  • Vista support
  • Updated expiry date

1/16/2007 V1.9.0066

  • Updated expiry date
  • Fixed Installer problem

11/08/2006 V1.9.0065

  • Updated expiry date

08/17/2006 V1.9.0064

  • Updated expiry date

05/22/2006 V1.9.0063

  • Updated expiry date

02/16/2006 V1.9.0062

  • Updated expiry date

11/13/2005 V1.9.0061

  • Updated expiry date 
  • Fix for multi-game order editor template

10/27/2005 V1.9.0060

  • Updated expiry date 

7/25/2005 V1.9.0059

  • Updated expiry date 

4/30/2005 V1.9.0058

  • Updated expiry date 
  • Numerous features and fixes (see Bugzilla for details)

1/28/2005 V1.9.0055

  • Updated expiry date 
  • Fixed New Turnsheet action
  • Removed text turnsheet processing from setup wizard.  You now must use an xml turnsheet in the setup wizard.
  • Added Multi-position game support.  Just list all your player names under as your player name (the setup wizard will do this automatically.  Note: This change requires a new xml turnsheet format from Strategy Guild so it won't work with old turnsheets.
  • Added new scoring per turn data to player stats.  Note: This change requires a new xml turnsheet format from Strategy Guild so it won't work with old turnsheets.
  • Reformatted some of the player stats pages

11/16/2004 V1.9.0054

  • Updated expiry date 
  • Fixed crash bug when setting up a new game using an xml turnsheet
  • Renamed the StarGame Alpha to StarCon Analyzer
  • Removed all references to StarWeb in preparation for a single product launch

10/01/2004 V1.9.0053

  • Updated expiry date 

8/06/2004 V1.9.0052

  • Updated expiry date 
  • Extra, Extra! Read all about it! The "Export Map..." function is now implemented.  You can export the map to one of the following image formats: jpg, bmp, gif and png.

8/04/2004 V1.9.0051

  • Updated expiry date 
  • Fixed - Resources[total/available] now shows up correctly when processing xml turnsheets
  • Fixed - text parsing now handles attributes such as Resources[total/available] correctly (ie., doesn't crash anymore ;-) )

7/26/2004 V1.9.0050

  • Updated expiry date 
  • Extra, Extra! Read all about it! Whoo Hoo! Real function added this time! 

    Order Editor - typing a "/" (without the quotes) in the order editor immediately following a partial or completed order, will locate the associated world on the map and in the list view.

    New Sort - Added a Bulk+2XDunamium sort to quickly find the best worlds to haul from.

7/13/2004 V1.9.0047

  • Updated expiry date 
  • Extra, Extra! Read all about it! I hear your grumblings and I understand that having the Analyzer time out is not a good thing.  But you all have to understand that the Analyzer's development is more a labor of love than anything else and I unfortunately have not had the time to put into it that I would have liked.  Given that I don't see this situation changing before the end of the summer, you'll all be happy to know that I have extended the expiry timeout by 3X to 3 months or 750 uses.  Hopefully I'll be putting in new function sometime within that time period.
    Good Gaming,

6/13/2004 V1.9.0046

  • Updated expiry date 

5/13/2004 V1.9.0045

  • Updated expiry date 

4/13/2004 V1.9.0044

  • Updated expiry date 

3/14/2004 V1.9.0043

  • Updated expiry date 

2/13/2004 V1.9.0042

  • Wow! Extra, Extra! Read all about it! I have actually managed to squeeze in some new function in this update!
  • You can now submit your orders to Strategy Guild directly from the Analyzer without having to go to the Strategy Guild web site (assuming you have an internet connection).  

    To enable this function you must do the following one time setup:

    Go to File->Settings and select StarCon
    Fill in your User Id or email address that you usually use to log into the Strategy Guild web site
    Fill in your security code that you usually use to log into the Strategy Guild web site
    Click OK.

    Having done that, once you've finished typing your orders in the Draft editor, select the Final tab.  This will enable the File->Submit Orders menu action or you can click the Submit Final Orders toolbar button.  This will automatically submit the final orders to the Strategy Guild server.  The response from the server will be displayed back on the new messages section on the lower portion of the Draft editor page.

    Future releases will allow you to select any errors and be taken to the offending order in the draft editor, but for now you'll have to navigate to the bad order yourself.

1/16/2004 V1.9.0041

  • Okay, so I am a broken record, once again this is only an expiry date update.  But look at the bright side, at least I got this update out before people started complaining about expired Analyzers!  That's progress isn't it?  ;-)

12/16/2003 V1.9.0040

  • At the risk of sounding like a broken record, once again this is only an expiry date update.  The move went well, but there is so much to do!  When did life get so busy?

11/17/2003 V1.9.0039

  • Updated expiry date - Hopefully the next drop will actually contain some changes.  I am in the middle of moving right now and things are a wee bit hectic :)

10/19/2003 V1.9.0038

  • Updated expiry date
  • Increased the time between expiries

10/03/2003 V1.9.0037

  • Handles Game is Over condition and displays the ratings in the player stats.
  • Added Score and Rating as player attributes that can be used for sorting the player list view

9/23/2003 V1.9.0036

  • Fixed bug in attributes display.  When an attribute such as Ghost turned false it was displayed as Ghosted.  Now it will display as Ghost=False.

9/04/2003 V1.9.0035

  • Added support for one-way connections.  They are highlighted in a different color and have an arrow head to show the direction.  
  • Added missing support for the AqqqS command in the Intellisense prompter
  • Fixed parser problem that caused Starweb games to fail
  • Fixed bug in Art by Owner filter that only showed art for the owner of the world.

9/04/2003 V1.9.0034

  • Added Ancient Art Components filter
  • Added Sort by Name in the art view
  • Art view now filters
  • Fleet/ship view now filters

8/18/2003 V1.9.0033

  • Added Art owned by... filter
  • Added Art not owned by... filter

8/06/2003 V1.9.0032

  • No functional changes, just a refresh to update the expiry date

7/22/2003 V1.9.0031

  • No functional changes, just a refresh to update the expiry date

7/14/2003 V1.9.0030

  • No functional changes, just a refresh to update the expiry date

6/27/2003 V1.9.0029

  • Fixed: Setup Wizard regression due to some debug code left in
  • Fixed: Cloaked ship will now show up correctly if the owner's turn is processed.
  • Added: Verbose & Classic information formatting option (right now it only changes the way Ship information is formatted)


  • Added Kwillic world filter
  • Added Non-Kwillic world filter
  • Added Worlds with Menterons filter
  • Added Worlds without Menterons filter
  • Added Stripminable worlds filter
  • Added functionality to the Previous orders tab page.

6/17/2003 V1.9.0027

  • More work on Intellisense.  It now sizes and positions nicer.  Changed the font slightly and made the background color off-white.  More to come includes reformatting of some of the prompt help to provide more concise and useful information (suggestions?)
  • Added World, owner and Ship information to the 1st level of the art view.
  • Fixed a problem with some Messages not showing up in player communications
  • Fixed a crash problem with the Setup wizard

6/13/2003 V1.9.0026

  • Added a splash screen
  • Final orders now strip out orders that aren't for the primary player
  • Almost complete Intellisense support.  Note this is not an order checker, although it does do some primitive checks to prune the list of valid commands.  Just type "?" after any order fragment to be prompted for the next valid syntax.  If you select one of the choices, the next prompt will automatically be displayed.  The Escape key can be used to dismiss the prompt as will changing the focus to any other window.  In the first position of a line the "[" ("?" also works) can also be used to display the prompt for the order owner.  
    This support is still experimental and I would welcome any feedback on how the prompting works and the contents and layout of the prompts.
    Known issue:  The prompt will display off the screen if it is too close to the edge.  This will be fixed in the next drop.

6/04/2003 V1.9.0025

  • The very bloody beginnings of Intellisense support in the order Editor.  Use at your own risk and remember to save frequently ;-)

    Typing "[" prompts for the player name, typing "?" will prompt for the first segment of a command.  

5/23/2003 V1.9.0024

  • Added multiple comment colors to the order editor *=Green, **=Purple and ***=Red
  • Added context menu to order editor
  • Added undo/redo, cut/copy/paste, and select all menu items to Edit menu for order editor use.  Note due to a Windows bug, undo/redo may not work until the next windows service pack.
  • Added cut/copy/paste order editor toolbar buttons
  • Fixed multiple art orders generated incorrectly
  • Fixed unload orders now generated correctly
  • Added Editor global preferences page to settings dialog
  • Added Editor game preferences page to game settings dialog

5/21/2003 V1.9.0023

  • Fixed: Crash when setting up the first team if the new team name is not selected when attempting to add team members
  • Changed: Ring number is now only shown on World list and has been removed from status line and menu popups.
  • New: Order Template generation.
  • New: Syntax highlighting in order editor (colors comments)
  • New: Final Order Page implemented (comments are now stripped out to prepare for submission)
  • Fixed: Change of Player name in settings was not being saved.
  • Fixed: Save As... map function was saving using the wrong name.

5/11/2003 V1.9.0022

  • Enhanced the Setup wizard to accept StarCon XML turnsheets.

4/29/2003 V1.9.0021

  • Changed the layout of the filters panel so that it takes up less horizontal space and thus allows the map to be resized larger without clipping the filter controls
  • Changed the Ascending/Descending sort controls from radio buttons to a toggle button in order to make it look cleaner and take up less horizontal space for the same reason as specified above.
  • Removed the "Current Information" filter from the filter list and replaced it with a checkbox control on the filters panel so that it would be easier to find and control.  The default value has been changed so that it will only show the current information.

4/28/2003 V1.9.0020

  • Fixed: Crash when processing Menteron controlled population on ships
  • Fixed: Missed secondary id sort when both items did not have the specified sort criteria

4/26/2003 V1.9.0019

  • Added: New sorts
  • Added: Lots of new filters
  • Changed: Always use an ascending world number secondary sort within the selected primary sort

4/16/2003 V1.9.0018

  • Updated: Game preferences dialog has been completely redesigned.  You can now also remove games and launch the setup wizard from this dialog.
  • Fixed: Worlds that were low-lighted because of being deselected by a filter but had animations, slowly came back to full high-light strength.  This has been fixed.

4/1/2003 V1.9.0017

  • Fixed: StarCon - xml parsing of wrapped input.
  • Fixed: StarCon - Crash on bad attribute
  • Fixed: Premature expiry

3/28/2003 V1.9.0016

  • Improved: StarCon - Messages from THE KNOWLEDGEBANK are now incorporated into the player statistics.
  • Added: Turn number to Player statistics
  • Added: Team preferences - this is preliminary code only.  You can use it to view teams but it won't update them yet.

3/18/2003 V1.9.0015

  • Improved: More animation performance improvements
  • Fixed: Starweb - "Game is over" not processing last turnsheet
  • Fixed: Starweb - Processing crashes for player stats (regression).
  • Improved: Performance of hit testing connections (should improve overall snappiness of the map).

3/17/2003 V1.9.0014

  • Fixed: StarCon - Incorrect parsing of "Captured from" attributes from txt turnsheets
  • Added: Option to turn off animations
  • Improved: Animation performance.

3/15/2003 V1.9.0012

  • Fixed:  Collecting multiple fleet attributes from xml turnsheets.
  • Changed: When moving from the Players list to any other tab, the map view will be shown rather than leaving the player stats showing until a world is selected.
  • Added: StarCon - Bombed world display on map.
  • Added: StarCon - Dropped Bomb animation

3/14/2003 V1.9.0011

  • Fixed.  Selecting a World now positions the map to show the world correctly.

3/14/2003 V1.9.0010

  • Fixed XML fleetpath parsing.  It was combining information from historical turns.
  • Fixed rendering of fleetpath directions on map.  Arrows showing fleet movement should now show correct direction.

3/6/2003 V1.9.0009

  • Added: XML turnsheet parsing. The old parsing is going away shortly.  Most of the new function will only work when the input is XML.  The turnsheet naming convention is playername_Tnnn.xml. If a player turnsheet with an xml extension is in the same folder as a turnsheet  with a .txt or .tnnn extension, the xml turnsheet will be used.
  • Added: Warning and prompt for unsaved map and order changes when exiting.
  • Fixed: Sorting all non-numeric sorts should now work.
  • Added: StarCon Fleet combat animation
  • Added: StarCon Defense indicator on map (small "D" center top of world)
  • Changed: World firing at fleets now show shots coming from the ground fleet indicator instead of the center of the world.
  • Added: StarCon Due date notification
  • Added: StarCon Player stats to player list
  • Added: StarCon Messages, beacons and autos to player list.
  • Added: Fleet Movement is now tracked on the map.  Clicking on a fleet movement node in the list view shows the fleet path on the map.  Clicking on a fleet in the list shows the path that the fleet took to get there.
  • Fixed: Fleet movement tracking was not always correct.  Especially for in/out paths.
  • Added: "Find on Map" entry field.  To find worlds, fleets/ships, or art type Wnnn, Fnnn or Snnn, Vnnn or Annn, respectively and then press enter.
  • Added: Complete rework of player list/view
  • Added: Ring numbers in world list
  • Added: Sort by Ring

3/6/2003 V1.9.0008

  • Fixed broken expiry date

3/5/2003 V1.9.0007

  • Fixed: Removed limit on number of world connections (I have no idea why I put that limit in in the first place! ;-)
  • Reduced the garbage collection that is done between games to improve performance.
  • Fixed: Parsing error for StarCon wrapped lines.
  • Fixed: Redraw problem when a group of worlds is dropped in an invalid area of the map
  • Added: An "About" dialog under help that shows the Version number and date.

3/2/2003 V1.9.0005

  • Fixed crash bug on right click on map.
  • Removed one level of menu expansion for art on ships on the map context popup menu
  • Implemented the Show Game Preferences function at the end of the Setup Wizard.  Note: it does not yet automatically select the game you just setup nor does it select the Game page in the preferences... these will come shortly.
  • Added the current game name to the title bar.
  • Added map file name to the title bar.
  • Map now remembers zoom factor
  • Added an Open Game toolbar button
  • Added a Color by Team toolbar button to the map toolbar
  • Added a Show Owners toolbar button to the map toolbar
  • Fixed World Quick Info truncation in status bar.


  • Intelligent Setup Wizard function now implemented
  • StarCon player stats are now shown in Player view.  StarCon stats are much longer than StarWeb's so I have to rethink how I am going to display them since they are too long to display in one line.


  • Improved performance of switching games
  • Shortest path between ring 0 world and selected world function is now implemented
  • Fixed art listings on map popup menu.
  • Fixed art showing up where it isn't anymore.  Added a "Last seen on turn nnn" to the art listing.
  • Fixed parsing StarCon parsing problem when no status attributes present.
  • Fixed the quick info was being truncated.  It now resizes dynamically.


  • Fixed the V1.5 .vs. V2.0 Registry incompatibility bug.


  • Fixed cleaning up between games
  • Disabled map view until there is a valid game.
  • Fixed default folder for new maps.
  • Several minor fixes some of which may or may not fix the Setup problems you have been seeing.


  • Fixed an intermittent crash after processing turnsheets.  The map was being drawn for the first time on a background thread instead of the main thread.
  • Changed the star field background image to a nicer one.
  • Added some preferences functionality to the preferences dialog.  You can now edit  players for a game.
  • Fixed Game Setup Wizard.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of path problems
  • Fixed a whole bunch of registry problems


  • Changed world graphics to paint the world number on a black background to help with clarity.


  • Fixed a parsing problem with StarCon.  It will now parse Population[0,Deaths=180] and Population[77/8m,KAAPOSC] type attributes correctly.
  • Fixed the Dummy turnsheet problem.


  • Fixed a bug where a fleet has the wrong owner after it has been captured.  This happened if the fleet was seen moving before it was captured.  The owner was invalidly updated on the fleet movement which of course was the owner before the fleet was captured.  I believe this was an old bug that also existed in the original Analyzer.
  • Trying a different technique for rendering text on the map.  See if it looks any clearer to you now?
  • Added the Game Setup Wizard.   Doesn't do the automatic game setup yet, but will allow you to do it manually.
  • Fixed all known StarCon turnsheet parsing bugs
  • Fixed all known StarWeb turnsheet parsing bugs
  • Added basic Order Editor function.  No syntax assist or checking, but it will load and save order files.
  • Fixed much of the redraw problems on the map.  Should behave itself at various zoom levels now.


  • Fixed StarCon parsing so that it doesn't expect the ship class to be numeric
  • Fixed color of the fleet movement list items
  • Fixed the Clear all filters button to work with the Owner's filters
  • Fixed the long repeated sort lists
  • Changed sort "Id" to "Number"
  • Removed Map Font and Map Canvas functions from map popup menu
  • Fixed First time map file location.  Now searches the game directory first.


  • Added World, Fleet and Fleet movement information to the right click context menu on the map.
  • Now auto expands the selected world in the list view when a world is selected on the map.
  • Color coded the Fleet, Art and Fleet Movement sections of the list views to make the different sections stand out clearer
  • Fixed some formatting bugs in Starweb that I introduced when adding StarCon support.
  • Made the Cancel button on the progress dialog the default so you can just press Enter to dismiss the dialog when you're done.


  • Added full StarCon Support.  Full parsing, filters, sorts... the works!
  • Modified User Interface to reflect StarCon terminology.
  • Added a details view to the progress dialog... still somewhat under construction
  • Added a no home fleet/ no defense filter.


  • Added the beginnings of StarCon Support.  It will process turnsheets and collect world, connection and owner information... enough to start mapping with.
  • Changed the progress dialog to remain after processing (first step towards keeping a processing log.
  • Changed the progress dialog to show the logo for the game type that it is processing (ie., Starweb or StarCon.
  • Fixed a few bugs in multiple world drag support.
  • Changed the map canvas & window so that the map canvas can be resized smaller than the window.  This will leave a gray unused area.

2/14/03 14:11

  • Various performance improvements
  • Added Rubber band selection of multiple worlds which can be dragged around.
  • Fixed various problems with map and font sizing at different zoom levels

2/6/03 17:02

  • Added a Show Starfield option.  Showing the starfield slows down the program startup and the graphics in general, better to disable the starfield on slower machines.
  • Added Map Font selection to map context menu
  • Added Resize Map Canvas selection to map context menu.  The initial size of the map canvas is much smaller (faster).  You can resize the canvas and position the current map within the new canvas.  The map canvas size is saved with the map file.  Note: the new value in the map file may make the map file incompatible with previous versions of the Analyzer.
  • Added a Map toolbar and moved the map related toolbar buttons to this toolbar.  There will be many more buttons coming to support the resizing, zooming, owners, etc...
  • Changed the splitbar controls to collapsible splitbar controls.  Check out the center area of the splitbars to rapidly collapse and expand the list, editor & map sections.  These controls replace the awkward toolbar buttons that used to do this function (which have now been removed from the toolbar).
  • The Open Map toolbar button now works.

2/4/03 11:46

  • Fixed the scrolling problem in the tree views when a world was selected on the map.  The view now only scrolls vertically to the selected item and keeps the horizontal scroll pinned to the left margin.

2/2/03 21:51

  • Fixed the bad data in the turnsheets.  The parser was skipping worlds that had no fleet movement and just sucking in all the fleet data from the next world.

2/2/03 14:25

  • Changed the way ring filters are enabled by moving the control into the Ring Filter portion of the filters page and removing it as a selectable filter in the filters list.
  • Disabled the controls on the filters page until there is a valid game loaded.
  • Added the Set Ring Zero dropdown control to the filters page
  • Added the <= and > ring filters
  • Added I & P ships to worlds on map
  • Added Copy & Paste to map context menus
  • Renamed Remove World map context menu item to Cut
  • Enabled the Clear filters toolbar button
  • Added most of the rest of the world filters
  • Added the by Owner filters
  • Cleaned up the toolbar bitmaps so they display when disabled
  • Disabled all the toolbar buttons that aren't currently implemented

1/29/03 09:42

  • Fixed: Don't allow a dragged world to be dropped in an invalid location.  The code was displaying the no drop cursor, but it wasn't preventing the world from being dropped anyway unless it was over another world.
  • Removed some debug code to display grid coordinates instead of world information in the status line.

1/28/03 21:44

  • Fixed the zoom feature so it now doesn't clip the map as it gets smaller
  • Improved the performance of zooming
  • Fixed the maximum number of worlds that can be displayed to 60X81 to match the old Analyzer

1/27/03 16:22

  • Added the Save Map function (File menu & toolbar)
  • Added the Save Map As... function
  • Added the Open Map function
  • Added a Zoom Map... dialog and removed the various zoom menu items to allow zooming of any desired value.
  • Added the Set Ring Zero world function and graphic indication.
  • Added the Ring <= Limit filter
  • Fixed auto detection of quotestyle "> "

1/26/03 11:53

  • Fixed: Handles Games with "/" in their names
  • Fixed: Initial size of the window is now smaller.  It also now remembers the last size and location of the window on a per user profile/per screen resolution basis.  Also remembers the split window sizes.
  • Added more code to tolerate (i.e., throw out weird and wonderful control characters that may be found in the files)
  • Resized the PBB nuclear explosion to fit the world size
  • Fixed: Problem where the world numbers drifted when worlds were filtered.
  • Added an option to show or not show the Ghost Moose background.  I really like the background, but it slows down window resizing considerably since the whole map has to be redrawn over top of the newly sized moose.  Another approach could be to make the moose small and tiled so I don't have to resize them.
  • Changed dragging worlds so that the original world and connections are not erased until after the world is dropped.
  • Added the copy world function by holding the shift key while dragging a world

1/23/03 17:14

  • Changed the look of filtered out worlds to translucent
  • Improved performance of window resize --- at the cost of the ghost moose not resizing to the new window -- I'll fix that later.
  • added an option to turn off the comets
  • More changes to the size & appearance of the world graphics
  • A parsing fix for fleet attributes on movement lines
  • Fixed an infinite loop when encountering an invalid player header
  • Fixed parser to tolerate blank lines where they don't belong

1/22/03 15:35


  • Added some more exception handling that should help indicate what the errors are
  • Improved the performance (but there is still a long way to go)
  • Tested and works on Win/98
  • Ensured that only one Comet will show at a time


  • Compressed the map and enlarged the graphics