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So, what's with "Flying Moose Technologies"?  Okay, a quick history.

My good friend Elliot and I have been playing Starweb for many years.  Being a programmer by day I finally got fed up doing those mundane and repetitive chores, such as putting together a combined turn sheet for my alliance and decided that a computer should and could do it better.  So I wrote a little program that combined turn sheets into one mega turn sheet.  And thus the Starweb Analyzer was born.

Then came the natural progression... what about making queries of the data?  How about a GUI?  Wouldn't it be great if it would check  orders for mistakes?  And how about a way to map without getting buried under a mountain of paper?  Hey cool, now we can email the orders directly to FBI from the Order Editor... and on it goes...

Now with all these great features, it seemed a shame to hog this little gem all to ourselves.  So Elliot went out to spread the word, and thus Flying Moose Technologies was born.  The name, an obvious parody of Starweb's owner Flying Buffalo Inc., also reflects my personal affection to this large beast... but that's another story.

Then along came Strategy Guild with StarCon.  Another natural application for our technology.  The business was setting a trend, we found our niche producing software that helped make other applications better.

Mike Wulkan
President: Flying Moose Technologies

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