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Starweb Analyzer 

Adds a graphical user interface to the Starweb PBeM game by Flying Buffalo.  

Here are some of the nice things our customers have said:
  • "The Starweb Analyzer saved my sanity." Maureen
  • "The Starweb Analyzer saved my marriage!" <anonymous>
  • "Well the Analyzer saved the day!" (in reference to the order checker preventing a subtle mutually exclusive condition) Dave Lightfoot
  • "The mapping is phenomenal!!!  The program rocks!!!" John Muije
  • "Overall, the program looks fantastic - especially the way the order generator works. That's probably the best part!" Dan Greenwood
  • "Installed the software. Seems to work slicker than snot on seaweed!" David Andersen
  • "Many thanks Elliot! You're very helpful and Starweb Analyzer is an excellent work, I came back to Starweb thanks to it, and am happy for that." R. Flaibani

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StarCon Analyzer 

Adds a graphical user interface to the StarCon PBeM game by Strategy Guild.

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