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The Starweb Analyzer 1.5 Evaluation version is fully functional and is not time limited, but it does have the following restrictions:

  • It will only process Starweb games up to and including turn six
  • It will only process turn sheets for a maximum of two players

It is intended to give you a chance to see what it can do, but is not adequate to play a complete game.

Although we invite anyone to download and try out the evaluation version of the Starweb Analyzer, we do like to keep track of who has it, therefore we would very much appreciate it if you would drop us a line at

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To order Starweb Analyzer please fill out the appropriate order form below. You may then download the trial version and a registration password will be sent to you upon receipt of payment, or if you prefer the Starweb Analyzer can be shipped to you by e-mail or CD as specified on your order.

For more information, e-mail us at

If you are not ready to order yet, you can still download try it out for free!



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